What To Do Before And After Your Tow Arrives

Waiting for a tow truck is never fun. Even if your car has broken down in a safe and well-lit area, you're still stuck sitting on the side of the road, contemplating potential repair costs. While there isn't much you can do to change your circumstances, you can take some steps to ensure that the process of having your car towed goes safely and smoothly. Next time you find yourself with a disabled vehicle, keep these tips in mind as you wait patiently for your roadside rescue.

The Most Important Rule: Stay Safe

Unfortunately, waiting on the side of the road is often more dangerous than most people expect. Many of the riskiest jobs in America involve working near roadways. Because there is so much risk involved, it is essential to stay inside of your vehicle while you wait for the tow, especially if you are on a busy road or highway. If your car has an emergency kit with hazard triangles or flares, quickly set these up before returning to your vehicle. Always let a friend or family member know where you are, as well, and keep them updated once the tow driver arrives.

Call Ahead

If you're making use of a roadside assistance program, then don't rely on the dispatcher to contact your shop of choice. While you wait, call the shop and let them know that your car is on the way. Depending on the shop's policies, they may want to ask you some questions on the phone, or they may wait for you to show up in person. Either way, giving your mechanic a heads up will help to ensure that you aren't left waiting around for too long.

Talk To Your Driver

Once your tow driver shows up, be sure to briefly inform them of your car's condition. If you feel that it is safe to turn on your car on, then the driver may be able to drive the vehicle onto a flatbed rather than winching it up. Likewise, inform them of any potential dangers, such as exposed tire belts from a shredded tire. The truck driver may need to reach around and behind your wheels to secure the vehicle, so providing them with this information can be extremely helpful.

Consider A Tip

Driving a tow truck is a surprisingly challenging and sometimes dangerous profession. While most drivers never expect tips, they are always appreciated. If your driver was courteous and showed up on time, then a small token of your appreciation can go a long way towards making their day that much better.