Car Pulling to One Side or the Other? What May Be the Issue

If your car is pulling you to one side of the road or the other, the problem may not be the road, but your car. When your car pulls you, it can be hard to stay on the road and difficult to steer your car. This can also be hard on your vehicle's steering and other components as well, which is why you need to have it repaired right away. If you have this issue, there are a few things that could be the cause.

Ka-Chunk! Why Is Your Car Clunking?

Have you ever heard someone call an old car called a "clunker?" As it turns out, there are various reasons why your vehicle may make a dreadful clunking sound. Recognizing the source of these noises can help you determine if the problem requires critical attention. While the possible causes for an unsettling clunk are numerous, these are three of the most common. 1. Brake Pad Movement Believe it or not, some minor clunking when braking may not be much of a concern.

What Should You Know About Maintaining Dump Trailer Brakes?

Getting a dump trailer can be a great way to expand your truck's utility. These trailers offer plenty of benefits for both personal and business users, but the upfront cost isn't the only consideration. As with any vehicle, you'll need long-term maintenance to keep your trailer operating correctly and safely. Brakes are perhaps the most critical item that you'll need to maintain. Most heavy-duty trailers include a braking system of some kind, and most dump trailers fall squarely into the "

What You Should Do If Your Check Engine Light Appears

That light on your dashboard — the check engine light — is one that you don't want to see pop up in your car. The engine on your car is the brains of the entire operation, so when this light appears, it can mean a lot of things, and you hope it's not anything too expensive to repair. If your check engine light appears, don't panic just yet. There could be something very minor wrong with your car.

Stone Chip Repair: Why Even Small Chips Need Urgent Care

Your windshield can be damaged even if you are not driving your vehicle. Any car or truck can drive by and flick a stone at your car, leaving your windshield compromised. Stone chips in the main windshield glass can be most common, but any window in a car can be affected by these small and sometimes nearly invisible cracks and chips. Why do the small cracks and teeny stone chips need repair?