2 Extreme Signs Your Car's Tires Need Replacing Immediately

When you think about replacing your car's tires, you may only consider doing so if you have a flat or blowout. You may even be aware of some signs that the tires are past their prime and need to be replaced, such as worn tread or faded rubber. You may be surprised that there are some people who are not aware that their tires are dangerous to drive on, especially when the tires start showing the above extreme signs that replacement should be done immediately.

1.  Your Tire's Tread Looks like Smooth Glass When Wet

The tread on your tires is important for keeping enough friction on the road so that your car drives smoothly and securely on the pavement. The rubber of the tread not only has the channels to accomplish this, but the texture itself is rough.

If tires lose not only the channels because the rubber is wearing down but also the roughness of the rubber, they can become as slick as ice. Especially if driving upon a wet or oily road, traction will become next to impossible, and the tires will slide.

One way to make sure that your tires have not reached this point on any portion of your tires is to pour water on them. Then, look carefully at the tread. If the tread looks like glass, even if this appearance is only evident in small areas, you should replace the tires immediately.

2.  Your Tires Have Bulges Coming out of the Sidewalls

Another sign that your tires have extreme damage to them is the presence of bulges in your sidewalls. The sidewalls help to give the tires their shape and support them when filled with air. However, the rubber on the sidewalls is thinner than the tread, as they do not come into contact with the road and bear the brunt of the pressure.

Even if a small hole is present in the sidewalls, air can become trapped between the layers. When this happens, the structural integrity of the sidewalls is compromised because the rubber is weakened. Eventually, large bulges will form all around the sidewalls, making a blowout likely if someone continues to drive on them.

Even if your tires are not showing the above extreme examples of severe damage, any tread that looks smooth or even the smallest bulge coming out of the sidewalls indicates that your tires need replacing. Contact an auto service that sells new tires to find out what options are available for your vehicle's make and model.