Common Transmission Problems You May Need To Deal With

Servicing the transmission in your car or truck is not always the first thing you think about until the transmission starts acting funny. You may notice the transmission not shifting or shifting when it should not. These are signs that it is time to take the car or truck in for a transmission service.

Automatic Transmission Problems

If you drive a car or truck with an automatic transmission, the most common problem you may experience is the transmission not shifting at the right time or engaging when you select a gear. Often, this is most noticeable when you are stopped and then start accelerating. The transmission should shift smoothly up through the gears as you move, but if it does not, several things could be happening.

The first thing you need to do is check the transmission fluid level, and if it is low, add fluid until it is full but don't overfill it. Look under the car for leaks or wet spots that may indicate transmission fluid leaking when your vehicle is sitting. This could indicate a leaky seal that needs replacing, but the vehicle needs to go to a transmission shop to determine the problem in most cases.

Automatic transmissions have a filter in them that can clog and that will affect the function of the transmission if fluid can't pass through it. The shop can check it for you and change the filter and fluid if necessary to get your transmission working correctly again. 

Standard Transmission Problems

There are far fewer problems to occur with a standard transmission, but the most common for these vehicles is a slipping clutch, a chattering throw-out bearing, or hard shifting. If you press the clutch and the car still creeps forward, your clutch may not be fully disengaging, and while there are several causes for that, it is not something you can fix at home unless you have the right tools and knowledge for the job. 

A worn clutch and pressure plate could be the problem, but inspection of the transmission is required to be sure. Your best option is to take the car into a transmission shop so a technician can put the vehicle on a lift and check the clutch and transmission for you. 

Once the tech diagnoses the problem, they can give you an estimate for the work. To learn more, visit a transmission repair shop in your area.