Tips For Identifying Vehicle Fluid Leaks

Your vehicle requires many different fluids for it to operate smoothly. However, it may be a bit of a mystery to you when it comes to identifying the liquid and if it is anything to be concerned about. Here is what you need to know about identifying several common car fluids that may be leaking out of your vehicle. 


One type of fluid that you have no reason to fear is water. It is going to naturally drip out of your vehicle due to the air conditioner or exhaust system getting rid of condensation. You'll notice this fluid leaking out of your car near the front of your vehicle, which is why it makes many people concerned about seeing it. It can also drip out of your exhaust pipe. Thankfully, it is going to be clear and thin, which makes it easy to identify, since no other vehicle liquids look like water.


A coolant leak is going to be located at the very front of your vehicle. The color is typically green in color, but can also have a hint of pink or yellow in the fluid as well. This fluid comes out of the water pump, radiator hose, or the radiator itself.

Power Steering Fluid

Your power steering fluid container is located near the front driver's side of the vehicle. This liquid is thin and red in color, but can also be light brown if it is dirty. If you see this liquid collecting underneath your vehicle underneath where the power steering reservoir is located, bring your car to a mechanic to have the leak fixed. 


Gasoline is going to be the only liquid that leaks out near the rear of your vehicle where the gasoline tank is located. You are likely well aware of what gasoline smells like, which makes it easy to identify the fluid leak. Gasoline underneath your vehicle is not good, because you have a leak somewhere in the fuel tank, pump, or fuel injector. 

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid will come from the middle of your vehicle located roughly under where the front driver and passenger sit. The fluid is thicker than engine oil and light brown or red in color, which makes it easy to identify. However, transmission fluid can be darker in color if it is dirty.

If you have a fluid leak that you are unsure about, take your car to a mechanic and have your vehicle inspected. 

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