The Oil Change Guide To Complete Maintenance And Servicing To Prevent Summer Car Trouble

One of the maintenance tasks that your car needs before the summer heat is an oil change. This is a job that usually includes changing the oil and filter, but you should think about other servicing during your routine oil changes. The following oil change guide will help you with the complete maintenance and service that your car needs to prevent summer car troubles.

Oil And Complete Filter Changes To Ensure You Do Not Have Engine Or Fuel Injection Problems

The first thing that needs to be done during servicing is to change the oil. This should include changing all the filters, which includes the following:

  • Oil filter
  • Cabin air filter
  • Air intake filter
  • Fuel filter

These are all the filters that you want to have changed during your routine oil change. In addition, all the fluids for the cooling system, transmission, and brakes should also be checked and topped off if they are low.

Flushing The Radiator And Checking Your Cooling System For Leaks And Problems That Need Repairs

The cooling systems should also be serviced when doing an oil change. This should start with flushing the radiator and filling the system up with fresh coolant fluid. In addition, the radiator and cooling system should be checked for leaks and problems that need to be repaired before the summer weather arrives. Repairing these problems now will prevent issues with overheating during the summer weather.

Changing The Brake Pads And Checking The Tire Treads To Ensure Your Wheels Are Ready For Hot Asphalt

The brakes are also important and need to be checked before the summer months. If your pads have a lot of wear, it is better to have new pads installed now and the brakes bled before summer weather. In addition, you will also want to check the treads on tires, rotate them, and change any tires with worn treads to prepare your car for the summer driving conditions.

Checking The Battery, Electrical Wiring, Lights, And The AC To Ensure Your Car Has Cooling For Summer Heat

Before the summer weather arrives, you will also want to check the battery to make sure it is still good and revise all your fuses and lights. In addition, you will want to check the AC to ensure you have cooling and have the mechanic do adjustments to ensure your AC is working when the weather is hot outside.

These are some of the service maintenance tasks that need to be done during routine oil changes to prevent summer car trouble. If you are ready to change your oil before the real summer heat gets here, contact a mechanic who offers oil change services and talk to them about doing all the maintenance that needs to be done.