Three Signs You Need To Repair Your Semi-Truck's Air Conditioning System

There's nothing worse than being on the road in a hot summer afternoon with a malfunctioning AC. A properly functioning air conditioner can make long-distance driving comfortable and worthwhile. If you're careful to look out for the warning signs, you can repair it on time and save yourself from the sweltering summer heat. With this in mind, here are five signs that indicate it's time to repair your truck's air conditioning system.

Rattling, Banging, or Whistling Sounds

Most AC units produce some sort of noise when in operation. However, if you notice the sounds changing from the usual ones, something could be wrong with the unit. Rattling, banging, or popping sounds can be due to various problems, and these include the following:

  • Loose screws in your air conditioning unit
  • Seized AC compressor
  • Faulty components in the compressor unit
  • Friction between the AC hose and other parts of the vehicle

If you hear a buzzing sound after recharging your refrigerant, you may have overcharged it. Putting too much refrigerant than required can cause damage to AC components. Get your truck's cooling system checked and repaired immediately.

Hot Air Blowing When AC Is On

When you turn on your truck's AC, the compressor, condenser, and refrigerant work together to absorb heat from the air and cool the cabin. If one of these components isn't working correctly, your AC will blow warm air. The common causes of this problem include a damaged compressor pump, clogged air filters, or a faulty fan.

You can perform some DIY checks to try and restore the AC. First, check for leaves or any debris that may be clogging the cooling filter. Next, check to see if the cooling fans are running when the AC is on. If you can't detect a problem, the issue could lie with the compressor or condenser. You need a truck repair professional to check and repair the parts.

Low Air Pressure in the Cabin

Truck air conditioners usually blast cold air when you turn them on. If you turn on the AC and get low-pressure air, there may be a problem with the unit. Usually, this may result from low refrigerant levels. These typically result from leaks. Thus, if you recently recharged the coolant, check the filters for any blockage that could be hindering the flow of cold air into the cabin. Also, look around the cabin floor for leaks. If present, your AC is losing refrigerant, and it requires repairs.

Proper maintenance of your semi-trucks AC system is necessary if you want to enjoy a cool cabin during the summer. Visit a mechanic for professional tune-ups and repairs on your air conditioner.