Have An Auto Shop Inspect An App-Based Vehicle Lease Or Subscription

The tech world has come up with some brilliant ways to acquire a new car or another vehicle. Auto lease trading and vehicle subscription services open doors for acquiring a car for the short term. Many now opt for these alternative acquisition methods because they like to change cars frequently or don't want to commit to a purchase or lengthy lease. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of all these terms associated with the deal. Once you sign the contract, you may become fully responsible for repairs and maintenance. What if that inexpensive certified pre-owned subscription/lease delivers a vehicle with many repair issues? A little pre-planning with a local auto repair shop could address things.

Getting a Full Multi-Point Inspection

Requesting a complete multi-point inspection from a reputable auto repair shop could prove valuable. A cursory examination, such as a brief one performed during a routine oil change, might not be sufficient. Opting for a massive inspection covering the majority of the vehicle can likely uncover any minor or severe issues. If the mechanic reveals a problem, you can take appropriate action.

Working Within the Time Limits

Subscription services may allow you to return the car or pay for repairs within a set number of days. Know the limits and coordinate with the repair shop to perform the inspection. Booking the "checkup" the same day you receive the vehicle might be best. This way, little time is lost, and you can respond to any negative discoveries right away.

Receiving a Heads-Up on Routine Service

A vehicle might have little or no problems the day you receive it, but the inspection could uncover other issues potentially looming. The battery might require replacing in three or so months. The brakes may need work in six months. If you decide to keep the vehicle, at least you can get an estimate from a repair shop in advance. The inspection also allows the future repair technicians to become familiar with the vehicle.

Dealing With a Lease Handover

When buying out someone's lease, the lease seller and the facilitating service may be under no obligation to inspect or repair anything. That doesn't mean you can't set your requirements before agreeing to anything. Asking the other party to bring the vehicle to your preferred repair shop for an inspection may be prudent.

Sometimes, the best auto maintenance is preventive. This logic can apply to owning, leasing, subscribing, and any other way you acquire a vehicle.

To learn more, contact an auto shop.