Transmission Care And Troubleshooting Guide To Keep Your Car Shifting Gears

The transmission is one of the most important mechanical systems in your car. It needs good care and maintenance to ensure that your car shifts into gear smoothly. It is important that you know how to care for the transmission and troubleshoot problems to ensure your car shifts gears easily. The following guide will help you with the care and troubleshooting that you will need to do with your transmission:

Check Transmission Fluid for Signs of Leaks

The first maintenance that your transmission needs is checking the fluid levels regularly. This is a task that you will want to do when doing maintenance to your car, like checking the oil level. If there is a problem with the transmission fluid being low, this is the first sign of a leak, blown seal, or other problems that may need repairs before they get worse.

Drive to Reduce Wear and Transmission Damage

Good driving habits can do a lot to reduce the wear of transmission components and extend the life of a transmission. You want to make sure to drive less aggressively and try to let the transmission shift gears smoothly. If the transmission doesn't change gears smoothly, it could be a problem that needs to be repaired. Also, if there are significant changes in how your car responds when you give the engine gas and the transmission shifts gears, you will want to have the problem looked at. 

Overhaul Your Transmission When Needed

It is important to have regularly scheduled maintenance done to your car, which should include overhauling the transmission. A transmission overhaul involves servicing the transmission and doing maintenance, such as replacing worn flywheels, repairing leaks, and changing the fluid. This routine maintenance will prevent minor problems with the transmission from causing serious damage that is costlier to repair.

Handle Linkage, Clutch, and Unexpected Transmission Repairs

There are also problems with your transmission that you may not be expecting. If you have an automatic transmission, the problem may be a bad linkage. Manual transmissions could have problems with the clutch, which may need to be replaced. Lastly, all transmissions can have problems with worn seals, flywheels, and gears that need to be replaced.

Good transmission care will help prevent problems, and knowing how to troubleshoot issues will help you solve them. If you are having trouble with fluid leaks or other issues, contact a transmission repair service before the problem causes worse wear.