Purchase An RV From A Private Seller But Having Alignment And Acceleration Issues? Get RV Mechanical Services Fast

If you have just purchased an RV on a classified site and you have some concerns about the mechanical state of the vehicle on the way home, you want to get it into an RV service center right away. If the vehicle isn't running and accelerating flawlessly and it seems to be out of alignment, you want to get it in right away.

The service professionals should do a full inspection of the electrical and mechanical components of the vehicle to make sure everything is safe. Here are some of the things that you want to schedule when you call to make the appointment, and there may be other things that need to be done after it's inspected.

Fluid Replacement

You don't know how well the fluids were maintained while the RV was owned. You want the RV service professionals to:

  • Drain the fluids
  • Clean the containers if needed
  • Top off with new fluids
  • Put gas stabilizer in if needed

Use high-quality oil and consider flushing the transmission and motor to make sure there aren't old fluids lingering in these important mechanical parts.

Brake Check

One of the most important mechanical features on a large recreational vehicle is the brakes. Have the brakes tested, and consider replacing the pads and the rotors if needed. This is not something you want to get out on the road and realize you have problems, and the brakes could be causing issues with the tires and alignment.

Tire Inspection, Balance, and Rotation

The service professionals will be able to tell if the tires need to be replaced by examining the tread. Not all tires may need to be replaced. If they do, also get the tires balanced and rotated. This way, the vehicle won't have alignment issues and you can handle the RV without concern.

Don't wait until you are in an accident or broke down on the side of the road to get the vehicle towed to a service center. Instead, get the RV to a mechanical shop and find out what is wrong with it right away.

A simple tune-up, fluid change, and tire rotation may be enough to get the vehicle back to running perfectly, and safely. Purchasing an RV from an owner is a great way to avoid the high costs of buying from a dealership, but if you aren't sure how well the vehicle was taken care of, you want to get it in.