Benefits Of Professional Oil Changes

Most every car owner understands the importance of timely oil changes. Your engine's oil is essential not only for lubrication and preventing friction damage but also for engine cooling and protecting delicate components. While an oil change seems simple enough to do on your own, and many people will do it themselves at some point, it's better for your car if you have it done by a professional. Here's a look at a few reasons why it's better to seek a professional's service for your next oil change.

Professional Service Ensures Safety

Because of the important role your engine's oil plays in its operation, maintaining that oil is essential for keeping your car running right. Although an oil change seems like a pretty straightforward and simple process, and it can be, there is plenty of room for costly mistakes. Whether it's improper reinstallation of the filter or plug, errors in the oil type or volume, and more, these things can all lead to catastrophic problems with your engine. 

When you have the work done professionally, the technicians are trained to do the job right and ensure that it is safe. Additionally, most oil changes come with an inspection of some sort, so you'll even have a trained eye that can tell you if there's any work you should be considering to keep your car roadworthy.

Professional Service Creates A History

One of the biggest downsides to doing auto repairs of any kind, including oil changes, on your own is the fact that you can't necessarily prove that the work was done. Even if you can show receipts for the supplies, that doesn't guarantee that you actually did the oil change. If you want that kind of documentation to show service history in the event that you sell the car, working with a professional is the best way to go.

Any auto repair shop that you work with consistently, that does your oil changes and other work on a regular basis, can provide you with a service history when you need it. That way, you have clear documentation of everything that's been done and a prospective buyer can have the confidence of professional-level work.

Professional Service Simplifies Oil Disposal

Used motor oil cannot just be disposed of in your household waste. In fact, in most areas, there are laws in place requiring that any used motor oil be recycled or properly handled as hazardous waste. 

When you do an oil change yourself, you'll have to find somewhere that accepts the used oil for proper disposal, and it may even cost you an additional disposal fee. You can eliminate this issue entirely when you have your oil change done professionally because the repair shop will already have the infrastructure in place to ensure proper oil disposal.