Stone Chip Repair: Why Even Small Chips Need Urgent Care

Your windshield can be damaged even if you are not driving your vehicle. Any car or truck can drive by and flick a stone at your car, leaving your windshield compromised. Stone chips in the main windshield glass can be most common, but any window in a car can be affected by these small and sometimes nearly invisible cracks and chips.

Why do the small cracks and teeny stone chips need repair? Why should you give attention to windshield and other car window damage that you can barely see, if at all? The reason for hiring stone chip repair services is to keep your auto glass damage from worsening, so you should do what you can to keep your auto glass in great condition by having the tiny stone chips addressed before they have a chance to spread. Here are some reasons why even small chips need urgent stone chip repair.

The damage may be worse than what meets the eye

A tiny crack that looks like a small dot or a tiny stone chip blemish on your windshield, back window, or other car windows may actually be more ornate in its design. A chip from a stone can be anything from a tiny ding to a decent chip that actually goes into the layer of glass. The chip then can spread with time and vehicle use, becoming larger or deeper as the vehicle accelerates and puts pressure on the window glass.

Your stone chip repair service company will assess the dimensions and depth of the stone chip and make repairs as needed. The sooner you address a tiny chip that doesn't appear too deep, the sooner you can remove any chance that the chip will get deeper and, therefore, more damaging with time.

There may be more than one chip

When you travel a lot at high speeds, particularly if you drive on the freeway a lot, your car may be more likely to get chips than if you drive around town or on slow back roads. This can mean that you might have more chips in your vehicle than you can see. It's up to your stone chip repair services technician to see how many chips you have in your auto glass and make repairs accordingly.

If you have stone chip repair done, expect to pay around $10 per chip or more for the service. Your stone chip repair specialist will let you know how much your vehicle will cost to repair based on time and labor involved.

For additional information on stone chip repair, reach out to a local auto service.