The Best Options For Removing Dents And Dings From Your Car

Removing dents from your vehicle's body can make the car look much nicer and increase the vehicle's value. Auto dent removal methods can vary depending on the dent's size and location on the vehicle, so choosing the best option is important to ensure the best results. 

Standard Dent Repair

Traditionally, the dents in the sheet metal of a car or truck are pulled out using a slide hammer to force the steel to move. In many cases, that method works well, but it involves drilling a hole in the car, and the paint on the surface of the dent may chip when you are moving the metal. 

It is challenging to get the steel to come back to its original shape, so body filler is commonly used to fill low spots and then shaped to match the contour of the body panel that is being repaired. The entire panel is sanded and smoothed to look like the original panel and then painted to match the car. 

When this method is done right, it can be challenging to find the repair, but a trained tech will be able to determine the areas that have filler in them as a result of the repair. Auto dent removal is almost an art form and can restore the body and raise the value of a car that is being sold or traded at a dealer. 

Replacing Panels

A car that has a large dent in the body panel is often harder to repair. In some situations, auto dent repair for a large dent is easier if the affected panel is removed from the car and replaced with a new one. Many of the panels on your car's body can be removed and replaced, and those that are part of the structure can be cut out and a new section welded in place to repair the damage. 

Replacing a panel is a big job, and if the tech doing the work needs to replace a section by welding in a new one, the panel will have the be ground and sanded to blend in. A skim coat of the body will also be needed to smooth the seams in the panels so that you can not see the welds. 

Once the auto dent repair is complete, the area will need to be repaired, and it is essential that the tech working on the car color matches the paint to the car. This allows the paint mix to account for sun and weather fading and will ensure that the repair is hidden well so you can not easily see it. 

To learn more, reach out to an auto dent repair service.