What Are The Signs You Need Brake Service?

You count on your brakes to do a lot. You count on them to protect you and keep you from stopping too close to other drivers. You can't count on brakes to last if you do not take care of them. Do you want to make the most of your vehicle? You need to look for these signs that you might need service on your brakes.

Your Dash Light Is On

Has a dashboard light or warning appeared? It might appear as your typical "Check Engine" light, or it may tell you that you have an issue specifically with your brakes or ABS. A light can tell a mechanic what is wrong.

Your Vehicle Is Leaking

If brake fluid is leaking from your vehicle, you need to have it inspected at the very least. A leak could be the result of a variety of car issues, but brake fluid needs to be fixed right away.

You Notice a Change

Do you notice that it is taking longer than usual to stop your car? Do you need to press the pedal further than usual to get results? A change could mean that something is wearing down.

You could also notice your vehicle pulling to one side. This can happen for a few reasons, but if it happens while you are braking, you may have a hardware issue. The good news is that these parts can be fixed.

Your Vehicle Stalls

Issues with the power brake booster can lead to a stalled engine or even a misfiring engine. Of course, this issue could be linked to a variety of causes, which means you need to have a professional check over your vehicle right away.

You Feel a Vibration

Vibrations can make stopping feel rough, and it may indicate that you have a problem with your rotors. Vibration could also be an issue with a variety of other auto parts, but a brake specialist can make sure that you don't have a more severe problem.

You Hear a Noise

When you press the brakes, do you hear squealing or squeaking? Any new sound needs to be checked out, as it could indicate that you have a problem with a rotor or brake pad.

Auto Brake Service Keeps Your Vehicle in Check

You don't need your brakes to fail. The consequences can be devastating. Call a professional auto brake service shop to make sure your vehicle is safe to operate.