Finding The Right Safety Glass Replacement Expert: How Do You Go About It?

Car windshields are designed to protect you and your family from the dangers on the road, but they need to be correctly cared for and cleaned for them to work effectively. However, auto glass can crack or break without notice, and it's always good to know when to repair or replace it. Generally, you should have auto safety glass replacement when:

  • You have tempered glass — change to laminated
  • The crack is long and deep, going halfway or more through the shield
  • The chip or crack extends to the outer sides of the windshield

Safety laminated glass is used on all vehicles to reduce the extent of injury in case it breaks. However, finding the right safety glass replacement expert is essential. How do you go about it?

Find One Affiliated with the Auto Glass Safety Council

An expert service provider affiliated with Auto Glass Safety Council considers auto glass safety a number one priority. The service provider is more likely to follow the industry guidelines, use recommended products such as safety laminated glass, and not take shortcuts, compromising the service's quality and safety. 

Ask for Work Warranties 

Ask your auto glass installer for a warranty. Professional service providers will always offer warranties for their services and work with glass manufacturers with product warranties. This means that if the replacement falls off during the warranty period or cracks without applying any force on it, you should get another free installation. 

Get Recommendations 

Ask around, search online reviews or call a few different companies to learn the type of services they offer. Ask friends or relatives to recommend you to ideal service providers. When you call a company, explain the issue and learn how they carry out the replacement. Where do they source their glass, and how long have they been in business? Who are their customers? What's their preferred mode of payment?

Get Different Service Estimates

Don't settle for the first quote but check what different reputable companies have to offer. Some may offer more services than others, such as mobile services or cash discounts. When the price seems higher, probably the quality is better, with more extended warranties and better customer service but find out first. 

When you need auto glass replacement services, the company should have a policy where they'll only charge your card once you're satisfied with the job. It keeps you in control of the whole process, giving you peace of mind. 

Reach out to a local auto safety glass replacement service to get started.