Auto Service: Check Out A Few Things That May Cause Your Transmission Fluid To Leak

Your vehicle's transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating and protecting different transmission parts. When there's a leak, the low transmission levels can affect your car's performance. A common problem you're likely to experience is difficulties when shifting gears. Depending on the underlying problems of your transmission oil leakages, they can be simple or complex to fix. Here's an overview of what can cause your transmission oil to leak.

Damage On The Transmission Seals

 Your car transmission is responsible for maintaining hydraulic pressure thanks to the transmission seals. Given that these seals are frequently exposed to heat, they'll begin to wear out and leak transmission oil. If you suspect that your transmission issue is due to a damaged seal, seek the help of a professional mechanic. A thorough inspection will help determine whether this is the cause of your problem.

A Drain Plug That Isn't Properly Aligned

If you take your vehicle for maintenance and the mechanic flushes the transmission fluid, confirm that it's properly sealed. When the seals aren't properly secured, it will cause the transmission oil to leak. This is an easy problem to fix because all you need to do is tightly seal the drain plug.

The Transmission Pan Is Likely Poorly Installed or Damaged 

If you recently replaced your transmission and the technician didn't install it correctly, you're likely to have a leak. One of the parts that may cause this problem is the transmission pan. This can happen if your mechanic uses wrongly-sized bolts or doesn't properly mount the pan. Additionally, if you're involved in an accident or run over a large rock, it may damage the transmission pan, leading to a leak. Auto repairs by a transmission expert will address the root cause of your problem and prevent transmission failure.

Damage To The Transmission Lines

The transmission oil moves along the transmission line to reach the different transmission parts. Most of these lines are designed from steel or aluminum. While they may be durable, the constant exposure to heat will eventually cause them to crack and eventually break, leading to transmission fluid leakage. A professional mechanic can inspect the lines and advice on the need for repairs.

Leakages On The Torque Converter

Your vehicle's transmission oil is circulated around the system with the help of the torque converter. The transmission oil will leak if there is damage to the torque pump body. To resolve this issue, contact a professional auto transmission technician to replace the torque converter.

Transmission oil leaks are serious problems that should be handled as soon as it arises. This will prevent you from needing expensive repairs, especially when your transmission fails.

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