Why Your Driveshaft Might Eventually Fail

The driveshaft is an important part of any vehicle. The shifting of gears is handled by your transmission and the driveshaft takes the torque from your transmission and transfers it to your wheels. As a result, a driveshaft can be subjected to a substantial amount of strain and might eventually fail. 

When Your Driveshaft Starts to Break

When pressing down on the gas, you might notice that your car doesn't feel right. You might hear a strange sound or experience vibrations. If this is the case, you'll want to have your driveshaft inspected to make sure that it doesn't need to be repaired. It's much cheaper to repair a defective driveshaft than it is to replace a driveshaft that has completely failed. 

If the driveshaft breaks, it will be very easy to tell because your vehicle will not be able to move because your vehicle will not be able to transfer torque to your wheels. Torque is important because it is the energy that is generated by your vehicle. The higher the torque, the faster your wheels spin and the faster your vehicle moves.

How a Driveshaft Breaks

The driveshaft needs to be compatible with your engine. The more powerful your engine is, the larger and heavier the driveshaft needs to be. The bigger the driveshaft, the more difficult and expensive it will be to repair it.

The universal joints are the components that are the most likely to be damaged because they take a beating throughout the life of your car. However, the driveshaft itself can also break apart. 

Squeaking Noises

One of the most common warning signs you'll notice if there is something wrong with your driveshaft is a squeaking noise. This problem might emerge as a result of a lack of lubrication. If there is no lubrication, the bearings will rub together and there will be more friction. This will increase the odds that the bearings wear out.


Another problem to watch out for is vibrations. You'll notice the vibrations come from the center console which will then travel throughout the back of your vehicle. They result from worn-out driveshaft bushings. 

Auto Driveshaft Repair Services

If you notice any warning signs that your driveshaft is damaged, you can fortunately take your vehicle to an auto service technician. They will inspect the driveshaft, find out exactly what is wrong with it, and can then perform the necessary repairs. 

Contact a local driveshaft repair service to learn more.