Signs You Need To Buy A New Car Battery

You should know how to determine when it's time to buy a new car battery so you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and ensure your car's reliability. When you need a new battery, you can easily get one that's for sale. When you purchase a car battery that's for sale at most places, they can carry it and possibly install it for you. There are a number of signs that can indicate it's time to buy a new car battery, and this article will cover some of those signs. 

The engine is cranking slowly

You may go to start your car and notice that the engine is cranking slower than normal.  This could be because its battery isn't able to provide an adequate amount of power. If your car's engine is taking longer to turn over, then this can indicate the car may need a new battery. 

There are electrical issues

Your car should perform well without any electrical issues. If you start noticing electrical things going on, it can indicate you need to replace the battery with a new one. Some examples of electrical things you may notice when you need to change the battery include dimming headlights, dimming interior lights, and issues with the radio, power windows, or other electrical components. 

You need a jump start

If you go to start your car and it won't start, then you can jump-start it to temporarily restore power to the battery. In some cases, you may get more time from the battery if you're careful. However, in most cases, you'll start needing frequent jump starts because you're really in need of a new car battery. 

There are problems with the battery case

You should take a look at your car's battery any time you're under the hood to top off fluids or for any other reason. You want to make sure you don't see corrosion on the battery posts and cable connections. Also, if you notice that the battery case looks like it's swollen or if it's leaking, these are signs that it's time for you to get a new car battery. 

The car is stalling frequently

If you have a weak or dying battery in your car, then the car can start to stall on you. This can leave you in dangerous situations if it stalls while you're on the road. When this starts happening, you want to get a new battery immediately. 

The warning lights are on

Many cars will come equipped with warning lights on the dashboard that include a battery warning light. If you see the little battery light turn on, then this is a sign that your battery is weaker than it should be, so you should replace it soon. If you buy a battery that's on sale, you can get a great price and a reliable battery. 

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