Answering Your Basic Transmission Repair Questions

The transmission is an essential part of your vehicle, and any problems can cause significant issues. Transmission repairs can be costly, and it is crucial to understand the causes of transmission problems and the available repair options. What Causes The Transmission Gears To Slip? A very common automotive problem is a slipping transmission. It is necessary to understand the root causes of this problem to avoid further damage. Common causes of a slipping transmission include inadequate fluid levels, worn-out clutches or bands, and damaged internal components such as gears or bearings.

Things You Should Know When Renting A Vehicle

Car rental businesses are typically located near airports and train stations, so people traveling for business or pleasure can rent a car when they arrive at their destination. However, if you are considering a car rental while you are away from home, there are some things you should know before you sign that contract and take the vehicle.  Basic Rentals Car rentals are commonly used when people arrive at a destination and need to get around while in the area.

3 Tips For Purchasing Your Truck's First Set Of Off-Road Tires

Installing off-road tires on your truck can be a big step. Off-road tires can be a great solution, whether you're using your tires for weekend adventures or have a work truck that you occasionally need to take off the beaten path. However, these tires can be drastically different from more common road tires, and choosing them requires a little knowledge and extra care. Fortunately, you don't need to be a tread expert to choose the best tire for your truck.

Why Your Driveshaft Might Eventually Fail

The driveshaft is an important part of any vehicle. The shifting of gears is handled by your transmission and the driveshaft takes the torque from your transmission and transfers it to your wheels. As a result, a driveshaft can be subjected to a substantial amount of strain and might eventually fail.  When Your Driveshaft Starts to Break When pressing down on the gas, you might notice that your car doesn't feel right.

Six Mistakes That Can Lead To Expensive Transmission Repairs

Your transmission is one of the most important components of your car. It is also unfortunately one of the most complex and expensive to repair. Therefore, you'll want to make sure that you take good care of your transmission and that you fix any problems as soon as they arise. There are six mistakes you should avoid when taking care of your transmission. 1. Not Servicing Your Transmission Regularly Regardless of the type of transmission you have, you will need to have it tuned regularly to make sure that it is functioning properly.