Cracked Windshield? Why You Should Choose Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Riding around in a vehicle that has a cracked windshield is no fun. There is always a bit of fear there because you never know when the crack will spread so much that the entire pane of glass shatters to pieces. You know that the glass needs to be repaired but don't know when you'll be able to get it done. Work won't wait and if it's a particularly busy time of the year you may not be able to take time off to go to an auto glass repair facility.

3 Things That Could Cause Power Steering Problems

You don't appreciate how easy it is to turn the wheel when driving your vehicle until the power steering system stops working properly. Without power steering, modern vehicles can become extremely difficult to control through curves, turns, and other maneuvers that require steering wheel movement. It's important to get to the bottom of any power steering problems quickly so that you can restore the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

3 Symptoms of a Blown Strut

As your vehicle rolls down the highway, do you spend much time thinking about the engineering required to keep the ride smooth and enjoyable? The details of your suspension might not seem like pressing concerns, but a worn suspension can substantially impact your car's ride quality. Your struts are one of the most critical wear components to keep in mind. Although the terms are used interchangeably by many people, shocks and struts are not the same part.

2 Extreme Signs Your Car's Tires Need Replacing Immediately

When you think about replacing your car's tires, you may only consider doing so if you have a flat or blowout. You may even be aware of some signs that the tires are past their prime and need to be replaced, such as worn tread or faded rubber. You may be surprised that there are some people who are not aware that their tires are dangerous to drive on, especially when the tires start showing the above extreme signs that replacement should be done immediately.

Beyond Leakage: Other Causes Of Low Engine Oil Pressure

Oil leakage is the premier cause of low engine oil pressure in many cars. However, there are cases where your car might exhibit symptoms of low engine oil without any leakage. Here are some of the alternative causes of low engine oil. Worn Oil Pump The engine oil pump is responsible for getting the oil flowing so that the oil can reach all relevant parts of the engine. The pump uses a set of gears that rotate to get the oil flowing.