Keeping Your Car Running Right With Proper Care

A car is one of the things most people depend on every day but are all to often neglected when it comes to proper care and maintenance. If you want your car to start and run when you need it to, giving it the appropriate care and service is critical. Here are some essential car care items you should consider to make your car dependable.  Oil Changes and Lubrication One of the most essential things you can do to help extend the life of your car is changing the oil regularly.

Ignoring Your Transmission? 4 Missteps That Can Cause Serious Problems

If you own a car, you can't afford to ignore the transmission. Unfortunately, the transmission is often one of the most-overlooked systems of a car. That's because it doesn't require the same routine maintenance that other operating systems need, such as the quarterly oil changes or the alignments. If you've been ignoring your transmission, you could have overlooked a significant problem. Here are four frequent problems that can lead to transmission troubles.

Taking Advantage Of Full-Service Auto Detailing

Due to vehicles being some of the most pricey personal assets to invest in, it can be a stressful situation when they begin to break down. There is more to a vehicle breaking down than just mechanical problems; it can also mean that the aesthetics are diminishing and causing its value to decrease. If you have seen interior or exterior parts of your vehicle diminishing in appearance and want to put a stop to it, professionals can assist by providing auto detailing services.

What To Do If Your Manual Transmission Won't Shift

If you have a manual transmission in your car or truck and it has started to grind or slip out of place when you try and put it in gear, you may have a problem with the transmission. The transmission could have a problem with a gear set inside the gearbox, or the issue could be related to the clutch.  Grinding Noises When Shifting One of the first signs that you have an issue with your transmission is slight grinding or hesitation when you shift from one gear to the next.

3 Things To Consider When Getting New Tires

New tires are something that you will need for your vehicle at some point. Over time, your tires will start to wear down. If you do not replace them promptly, they can make it more challenging to drive and may even fail while you are on the road. Old and worn-out tires can be a hazard. If it's time for you to get new tires, there are a few things that you should consider.