Three Signs You Need To Repair Your Semi-Truck's Air Conditioning System

There's nothing worse than being on the road in a hot summer afternoon with a malfunctioning AC. A properly functioning air conditioner can make long-distance driving comfortable and worthwhile. If you're careful to look out for the warning signs, you can repair it on time and save yourself from the sweltering summer heat. With this in mind, here are five signs that indicate it's time to repair your truck's air conditioning system.

The Summer Auto Repair Guide To Keep You And Your Car Cool

The summer months can be hot and unbearable, which can cause car trouble. Therefore, there are some things that need to be done to ensure your car is in good shape. If you want your car to be comfortable in summer traffic jams, there may be some repairs that need to be done. To start with the summer repairs, you will want to have the AC serviced to make sure it is keeping you cool.

Are You In Need Of Vehicle Wheel Alignment?

When you are driving down a narrow street or trying to parallel park downtown, you may end up hitting the curb every once in a while. More often than not, your vehicle is not going to sustain any significant damage. However, it is possible that your vehicle will need to undergo wheel alignment. Of course, wheel alignment can be needed from other issues other than hitting a curb, such as hitting a pothole, suspension problems, worn parts, and accidents.

3 Tips To Avoid Windshield Replacement

Replacing your car's windshield can be a costly process, especially if you have a rain sensor, a heads-up display, or other high-tech equipment integrated into your glass. In many cases, repairing glass problems is a drastically more cost-effective option. While replacement may be unavoidable in cases of severe damage, you can often avoid this fate by being vigilant and taking quick action. These three tips will help you to ensure that you can spot and repair glass damage before it's too late.

The Oil Change Guide To Complete Maintenance And Servicing To Prevent Summer Car Trouble

One of the maintenance tasks that your car needs before the summer heat is an oil change. This is a job that usually includes changing the oil and filter, but you should think about other servicing during your routine oil changes. The following oil change guide will help you with the complete maintenance and service that your car needs to prevent summer car troubles. Oil And Complete Filter Changes To Ensure You Do Not Have Engine Or Fuel Injection Problems