3 Tips To Avoid Windshield Replacement

Replacing your car's windshield can be a costly process, especially if you have a rain sensor, a heads-up display, or other high-tech equipment integrated into your glass. In many cases, repairing glass problems is a drastically more cost-effective option. While replacement may be unavoidable in cases of severe damage, you can often avoid this fate by being vigilant and taking quick action. These three tips will help you to ensure that you can spot and repair glass damage before it's too late.

The Oil Change Guide To Complete Maintenance And Servicing To Prevent Summer Car Trouble

One of the maintenance tasks that your car needs before the summer heat is an oil change. This is a job that usually includes changing the oil and filter, but you should think about other servicing during your routine oil changes. The following oil change guide will help you with the complete maintenance and service that your car needs to prevent summer car troubles. Oil And Complete Filter Changes To Ensure You Do Not Have Engine Or Fuel Injection Problems

Tips For Identifying Vehicle Fluid Leaks

Your vehicle requires many different fluids for it to operate smoothly. However, it may be a bit of a mystery to you when it comes to identifying the liquid and if it is anything to be concerned about. Here is what you need to know about identifying several common car fluids that may be leaking out of your vehicle.  Water One type of fluid that you have no reason to fear is water.

Common Transmission Problems You May Need To Deal With

Servicing the transmission in your car or truck is not always the first thing you think about until the transmission starts acting funny. You may notice the transmission not shifting or shifting when it should not. These are signs that it is time to take the car or truck in for a transmission service. Automatic Transmission Problems If you drive a car or truck with an automatic transmission, the most common problem you may experience is the transmission not shifting at the right time or engaging when you select a gear.

3 Questions To Ask When Buying New Tires From A Tire Dealer

If you own an automobile, replacing its tires on time and as needed is essential. Driving on old, worn-out tires can be very dangerous, so if you notice that there is very little tread left on your tires or if you notice any cracking on the walls of your tires, it is important to visit a tire dealer as soon as possible in order to have new tires put on your vehicle.